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that is summer in Brandenberg

There are many different ways to spend your vacation in Tyrol.

The small country in the mountains shows its natural and perhaps most charming, completely unadorned side from Brandenberg. The picturesque village lies on a sunny high plateau. With its fascinating natural wonders "Tiefenbachklamm" and "Kaiserklamm" gorges, its network of hiking trails, which are connected to the "Adlerweg Tirol" and Bike Trail Tirol, or its unique "Brandenberger Prügeltorte" (traditional cake), the mountain village enchants nature lovers and connoisseurs alike and provides deep insights into life in the mountains of Tirol.

in the valley of butterflies

Researchers spent three years investigating the Tyrolean Brandenberg Valley and found 824 butterfly species in the forests, meadows and natural gorge forest of the Tiefenbach and Kaiserklamm gorges. This unique natural refuge full of biodiversity not only delights butterflies, but also people. What could be nicer than being accompanied by colorful butterflies while hiking. In addition, the large numbers of "Flechtenbärchen" (butterflie art) that have been recorded are an indication of the high air quality in the Brandenberg Valley.

profile of Brandenberg

  • 1520 residents
  • 130,02 km2
  • 919 m sea level

Brandenberg is located in the valley of the Brandenberger Ache on a sunny high plateau in the middle of a natural mountain landscape, far away from environmental influences.  The Kramsach highway exit is 7 km away.